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The 1980s will go down in history as the decade that provided the stuffed jalapeno pepper - the Jalito.  the Jalito was created as the answer to that special craving for a great appetizer with a kick!

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Jalitos set the standard for those to follow.  Although other stuffed jalapenos are available, none have maintained the high quality standards set by Jalitos.

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Check the Ingredients!
Prepared with the finest Veracruz variety jalapenos, stuffed with only the highest quality cheeses and fillings, battered and breaded with natural ingredients, Jalitos are what you would choose for your family.
Variety of Jalitos
Chicken, Cheese and Bacon
Cream Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Crab Stuffing
Jalito Strips
*need pre-cooked? Our cream and cheddar jalitos come already pre-cooked to meet non-frying situations
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